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Located at 270 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 .(617) 299-0092

“TWO GORGEOUSLY artistic women — jewelry designer Nicole Rueda-Watts and floral designer LauraJean Pecci— have come together to create an ode to all that is beautiful at Observatory. Nestled among a handful of other retail gems, the boutique opened quietly last year and is flourishing. Offerings include locally designed, handmade jewelry, including pieces by Rueda-Watts, fresh flowers and plants hand-picked by Pecci, and vintage home furnishings.” Marni Katz, Boston Globe

Nicole Rueda Watts

After completing a mentorship in metal working in the highly-respected Mexican artist community of San Miguel de Allende, NYX designer Nicole Rueda-Watts returned to the US with the drive and inspiration 
necessary to develop her own unique jewelry line. With the goal of
 seamlessly blending meticulous metalworking with elements of nature, the
 eclectic collection combines bohemian whimsy and refined elegance.Each design element is thoughtfully selected; from the forms 
of the adorning feathers, beading, or tassels to the intricate detailing
 of the metalwork and clasps. The result is a line of jewelry that can
 beautifully accent a plain white t-shirt while also delicately embellishing the most high-end couture gown.While NYX designs are clearly influenced by the ever-developing world
 of fashion, Rueda-Watts seeks to inspire strength and individuality through her 
jewelry. “I feel that there is a nice balance of femininity and strength 
in my work and I feel a lot of women respond to that balance. Fashions 
come and go, but if there is true integrity in a piece; which I believe
 comes from inspiration, whimsy, and possibly darkness, then that piece
 will always have a voice, ” -designer, Nicole Rueda-Watts Designed and manufactured in Boston, MA,  NYX designs are created with
 a variety of materials including sterling silver, suede and rooster
 feathers. Sold online and in select boutiques nationwide, the collection
 ranges in price from $125 – $575.

LauraJean Pecci

LauraJean is a floral designer and event stylist. She utilizes the beauty of nature, and the wild to create unique, lush, and textural floral designs and one of a kind stylized events. Her work has been featured in several publications, and can be further viewed in detail on her website- www.ljfloral.com. Through her floral studio at Observatory Boutique, LauraJean provides fresh floral arrangements, installations, and designs for weddings, events, home and business delivery, and more. To inquire about her services, please contact her here.