“A little piece of art” 

First of all I love Nicole and I love her creations. More specifically, I love her attention to detail and her personal touch to every part of creating her designs…For my wedding I wanted to combine tradition, class and creativity which is what I looked for in every element of designing this celebration of the new life we were embarking on. I have always admired Nicole’s jewelry and I knew I wanted not only to wear something of hers but for all my girls to have a piece of her work.

Each girl got a piece that I chose that, to me, matched them. Whether it was understated or more sparkly, each piece had Nicole’s touch but each was individual to the person who was to own it. For me, I chose some off white stones to pair with one of her scroll silver pendants.  She talked me through every step of the way and then when the day came she brought me options along with a special added treat she pre-arranged with the florist.  I still got the necklace we designed but Nicole brought some other options just in case, which is just the way she works.  Her main goal is for the whole picture to work and for you to be happy. And let’s face it, not all of us know what we want until the moment it all comes together.  Not to worry, Nicole is on top of it. She was right. When it all came down to the moment of getting dressed the pearl designs  she  brought were exactly what the ensemble needed. I wore a pearl necklace, with matching bracelet that had the detail in the clasps. It didn’t take away from my dress or the feel, but still had an intricate detail that I wanted: just a classy touch.  My special surprise was a pendant she designed for me that was sewn to my bouquet that was to be made into a piece of jewelry for me to have for always, to remember this amazing day.

It’s these touches that you could never ask for that Nicole just gives to her designs.

 She works hard to make beautiful pieces that accentuate your beauty. When I wear a piece she has designed I always feel like I’m wearing a little piece of art but not something that overwhelms my own beauty. Her work is beautiful and it stands alone; but when you put it on it just becomes a part of you, and that’s not something you get everyday.




“Elegant and Rock & Roll” 

I love Nicole on a personal level. She is a great friend and the funniest person I know! Nicole’s jewelry was something I knew I needed to wear at our small and amazing wedding ceremony. I called her up and told her i needed something for the big day..and voilá! I love my earrings, i wear them every month on our “month-annivesary” day and for any other special occasion. They make me feel elegant and rock n’ roll at the same time.

Love you NYX!





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